"Wiesia  truly has a gift for tuning in to what is needed to heal and move  forward.  She is kind, perceptive, intuitive, wise and intelligent.  I  discovered things about myself that were not only eye-opening, but  empowering. My time with her focused on grief work, stress and  self-care.  What I found to be particularly helpful, was her uncanny  ability to discern each time exactly what tools or techniques would best  serve my session. For example, she uses EMDR, cognitive behavioral  therapy and meditation in addition to intelligent analysis of the facts  at hand.  I would leave from sessions knowing that I released and gained  at the same time.  She listens not only to what I said, but seemed to  listen at a deeper level —which guided how she would work with me. She  was an absolute treasure on my journey in life. A true blessing many  times over. I am so grateful for the work we did as it continues to  inform my life now."  Lisa

Feb 03, 2017
Wiesia  is amazing! She is a kind, empathetic and very skilled therapist who is  more importantly very genuine in all of those things. I had tried  therapy twice before and did not make it past the second appointment  with either therapist. Wiesia helped me work through past and present  issues with understanding, humor, and unwavering support. I can't thank  her enough for helping me get to a place of loving and trusting myself  so much more than when I started!

 K. M. in Boise, ID | Jan 30, 2017
Words  cannot express the expertise and skill Wiesia brings to the practice of  EMDR. Although it was a journey, she was kind and helpful the entire  way. I had never heard of EMDR before I saw her. It has changed my life.  I was floating in a fog for the last 8 years recovering from a loved  one's death. I now am free of the pain, able to be more present with my  family. I am more open to loving those around me and there is a fullness  to my life that I was missing before she came int my life.

Boise, ID | Nov 03, 2016
Wiesia  is an absolute gem. Finding a good counselor is difficult; I went  through four before finding Wiesia. What makes her special? She listens.  She REALLY listens. And it's clear that she truly cares about her  patients. She won't talk over you, she won't regale you with stories  about her own life and/or experiences - she just wants to listen to and  help you. She'll also challenge you, throw out books to read, suggest  classes, etc. They don't make them any better.

 MR in Boise, ID | May 23, 2016
Wiesia is wonderful. She's very knowledgeable and from the start, made me feel comfortable and at ease.

LU in Boise, ID | Mar 05, 2016
Wiesia  made working through some very difficult situations completely  manageable. She was understanding, supportive, and patient with me as we  worked to resolve the trauma that I had experienced. She allowed me to  work through thoughts as they surfaced and helped direct me as I needed  it. I left Wiesia's office with number of tools to take away and utilize  in my daily life to work through difficult situations. It was a  pleasure to work with Wiesia and can't thank her enough!

JB in Boise, ID | Feb 02, 2016
Wiesia  was outstanding to work with. She allowed our discussions to go where  they needed them to, gently guiding my self awareness and reflection. I  am in a stronger mental state today, and much of it is a result of the  support I received from Wiesia.

Aaron F in Boise, ID | Jan 13, 2016
She  helped target the core issues affecting my mental health, through  meaningful dialogue, introspection and reflection. She also gave me the  right mental tools and health advice to supplement therapy too.

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