Many people find it really difficult  to deal with their problems alone. We often find ourselves thinking the  same thoughts in our heads over and over again.  Often these thoughts  and messages have been there since we were very young and are not  necessarily true. They were "downloaded" unconsciously before the age of  six.

Nevertheless,  we buy into these thoughts we acquired when we were vulnerable and  easily influenced by the adults in our lives.  Now as adults, we can  examine our lives and decide what is working for us and what does not,  creating a more conscious and fulfilled life. I use EMDR to help you  process stuck beliefs, traumas or to strengthen what is working to help  with the challenges.

I  would like to help you live your life the way you want it to be.  In  therapy, I believe you will feel that I respect you, and show you  positive regard and a non-judgemental attitude.  My clients perceive me  as a warm, authentic, caring and compassionate person.

Therapy  is a gift to yourself. You will have the opportunity to consider what  is working and not working in your life, then build upon your strengths  to create the life you want for yourself.